The book “Mithologies”,written by Roland Barthes, opens with a chapter on wrestling. It introduces this sport by giving a definition, which is to offer the grandiloquent truth of gestures. Wrestling is not about timing, physical ability and reaching an outcome, as for any other sports. On the contrary, wrestling is a form of spectacle; a … Continue reading Mythologies


Nature has a particular way to deal with things. An element of chance is inherent in natural processes. A disorderly arrangement is much more probable than an orderly one if laws of nature are allowed to act without interference. Entropy is to consider that all processes of change are irreversible. This include natural processes as … Continue reading Entropy

Modern Mudlarking

“A mudlark is someone who scavenges in river mud for items of value, a term used especially to describe those who scavenged this way in London during the late 18th and 19th centuries” Looking for a subject for the upcoming exhibition ‘Experiencing change/Changing experience’ at ONCA in Brighton, I found a subject very close to … Continue reading Modern Mudlarking


Deep Time – Part of a Installation created in response to the Cambridge Sustainability Residency 2015 in collaboration with Pia Alejandra Galvez, Emma James and Barbara Boiocchi. Recent research has shown that the human body clock is not driven by DNA but by an ‘ancient mechanism that has stayed with us through billions of years … Continue reading Transience